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Into the Loving: Finding YourSelf in Love​

Part I and II

The Into the Loving programs are a beautiful way to heal, support and empower yourself. 

A program in 2 parts:  I and II, each a separate 6 week guided practice of choosing the path of Loving and Wholeness over fear and dis-ease. 

Using a blend of modern and ancient perspective, science and spirit, from multiple modalities we enter the Heart Matrix with techniques of heart coherence*, Self-Love, acceptance, wholeness of being; learning to connect to our true selves, and anchoring in the innate Loving presence that is the truth of who we are. 

Make a commitment to your Heart-path by showing up for yourSelf and following the loving and the intelligence of your heart into wholeness. 

Through an inner practice of connection and mindfulness, while processing the outer experience through self-reflective techniques, we elevate consciousness and vibration to a resonance of peace, wholeness, and health; extending this to our world as we stand tall in the true love and light that we are (a great calling in this time), empowering ourselves to open and live from the heart.

Being deeply present for yourSelf in love can heal and open your life to an experience of loving flow from the higher vibration of heart alignment.

Create Heart Flow State

Self Love

Self Empowerment

Heart Coherence (heart rate variability**)

Open Intuition


Balance emotions

Body-mind/ mind-body awareness

Whole Beingness

Sprit - heart - brain - nervous system connection

Release old patterns


Embrace authenticity

Deepen spiritual connection

Create flow

Energetic Awareness

Balance in relationships (others/ work/ habitual)

Into the Loving, I and II are separate but contiguous 6-week programs. Completing Into the Loving I is a requirement for enrollment in Into the Loving II. 

Each of the two programs meets for 6 weeks:

  • 7 weekly interactive group meetings (online zoom conference)
  • 3 private sessions scheduled at your discretion (online zoom conference)
  • Private Facebook page for daily practice guidance.


*Optional program add-on: HeartMath heart rate variability (HRV) sensor coaching using the Inner Balance App and Sensor system. 

**Improved HRV has been shown to be an indicator of health, physiologic resilience, improved psychological state, cardiovascular health, nervous system health, and performance flow state. 

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