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Walking the Path to Higher Ground: Calling Forward the Inner Healer​

6 Month Program

A 6-month intensive program ideal for anyone dealing with a health challenge or any issue requiring focused shift.

Co-facilitated by Liesl Schott MD and Richard Powell DSS.


Come take a deep dive with us.

An invitation to be deeply held in sacred union with your inner healer, and experience the dynamic synergy of loving group support. 

A program designed to engage all your levels in the consciousness of healing.

Admission to this program is through interview only.

      • Online live
      • 20 live group meetings
      • 20 private one-on-one sessions
      • Daily online guidance course
      • Materials and resources for independent use
      • Email and text support

If you would like more information or to set up an interview please contact us.

What Our Clients are Saying

What can I say about Richard Powell DSS, Liesl Schott MD, and the Inner Healer Program? I do not believe there are adequate words to describe my experience. Despite my best efforts to avoid expectations, I did have certain part of my life that I wanted to heal. I did not realize how many other aspects of my life needed love and healing. I wanted to heal my physical body, and I did, getting my lupus into remission. More importantly, however, I healed major parts of my spirit and unconscious, transforming myself from the inside out, breaking the patterns that had helped create my illness. This program has helped me transform the way I view myself and the world. I cannot recommend it enough. Everyone needs to experience this journey.

Michelle Moskauski

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