Healing On All Levels

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it" - Albert Einstein

By approaching our healing through the path of consciousness and coming into the understanding of ourselves as a Divine multidimensional whole we can then work with our many levels and aspects as the conductor and orchestrator of our unique symphony, and from a centered place of elevation and inner knowing come into a resonance and harmony of radiant health and wellbeing.


While simultaneously working the physical as a part of the integrated whole of your beingness, support the body through a functional medicine and energy work approach while addressing the issues on the other levels that promote or create imbalance.


The mind is a powerful tool for healing. It is also a powerful force for creating imbalance. Release and realign belief systems and mental patterns which come into play in illness, and create blocks to our everyday living; while incorporating tools for positive creation and harmony.


By going to source and working from the point of Divine wholeness we can more powerfully shift into a greater resonance with our higher vibration on the physical, mental, emotional, unconscious, and archetypal levels creating the opportunity for powerful healing on all levels.

Healing Through Consciousness

Healing from a soul focus invites us to move into the understanding that we are whole and complete as we are and any experience of disharmony, on any level, is an invitation to metamorphosis and return to soul. As we bring our entire being into resonance with our higher vibration we heal from the inside out. By working all the levels simultaneously from a place of higher focus we have the potential for greater healing and shift.