Medical Consultation - $320.00

Focusing on the physical through a Functional Medicine, holistic, lifestyle medicine approach; undergo an evaluation of the deeper root causes of physical imbalance. Functional Medicine takes a comprehensive approach to prevention, health, and well-being; treats root causes of disease; and restores healthy function through a personalized patient experience an excellent complement to your existing conventional medical care. 

Personal Facilitation Session - $178.00 or 3 for $498.00 

Personal one-to-one facilitation sessions by video conference. A gentle multidimensional approach to working the issues on any level that blocks or keeps you from your optimal alignment. Understanding that the patterning causing disharmony on any level is the patterning running through all levels is the key to greater shift, whether it is physical dis-ease, emotional imbalance, or mental dissonance. Using skills of functional medicine, spiritual psychology, noetic-field work, HeartMath, re-patterning, and intuition we will access your own inner knowing and open to the unfoldment of your healing and higher purpose. Recommended as a commitment to a series.

Noetic Balancing - $325.00 Initial / $295.00 Follow Up

Noetic (aura) balancing is energy/spiritual healing work accessing our personal energy field and where that energy system intersects with our physical, emotional, mental, unconscious, belief system, archetypal, and spiritual structure. The noetic practitioner is used as a tool or guide as the client works to release distortions, beliefs, traumas, and generational patterning in the field that no longer serve them; creating the potential for great realignment and shift on multiple levels.

Comprehensive healing Package - $1960.00

Go for the BIG Shift. This personal healing or growth package offers intensive focus to greater shift. Ideal for someone dealing with an opportunity for healing, a personal challenge, or one desiring focused shift who would benefit from focused support and guidance over a preset time frame (time frame set by individual need). Includes 3 Noetic Balancing, 9 personal facilitation sessions, text, and email support.

The Into the Loving I & II Programs - $672.00

A 2 program series designed to shift your operating system from the unconscious patterns that create dis-ease and disorganization to the higher wisdom and wholeness of the heart. Learning to operate from the Heart Matrix accesses the flow state of healing, creativity, connection, performance and optimal wellbeing. Working with the heart as the nexus to higher flow, heart rate variability (HRV) and mindfulness while releasing old patterns facilitates movement into living fully from heart. Creating a foundation for self-Love, self-support, and claiming Love as the tool to navigate your experience provides a foundation for your self in wholeness. Take the next steps to deeper healing and unfoldment and join us in the INTO THE LOVING I & II. Being deeply present for yourself in Love can heal. 8 weekly small group live sessions, 3 one-on-one facilitation sessions, and daily online guidance. 

The Inner Healer Program - 

Six-month online live intensive healing program. 20 private personal support sessions, 20 group sessions, daily online guidance course for individual self-work, materials and resources for home use, email, and text support. An invitation to be deeply held in sacred union with your Inner Healer, and experience the dynamic of group synergy and loving support. A program designed to engage all your levels in the consciousness of healing, combining Functional Medicine, Spiritual Psychology, and the guidance of your Higher Wisdom to naturally move toward a state of healing. Ideal for those dealing with a health challenge or other challenge calling for focused shift. Interview session required for placement with your healing circle.