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Healing Through Consciousness

     "I am the chain of being, the circle of the spheres, the scale of creation, the rise and the fall. I am 

what is and is not. I am the soul in ALL."  - Rumi

Healing from a soul focus invites us to move into the understanding that we are whole and complete as we are and any experience of disharmony, on any level, is an invitation to metamorphosis and return to soul. As we bring our entire being into resonance with our higher vibration we heal from the inside out.  By working all the levels simultaneously from a place of higher focus we have the potential for greater healing and shift.


While simultaneously working the physical as a part of the integrated whole of your beingness, support the body through a functional medicine and energy work approach while addressing the issues on the other levels that promote or create imbalance


The mind is a powerful tool for healing. It is also a powerful force for creating imbalance. Release and realign belief systems and mental patterns which come into play in illness, and create blocks to our everyday living; while incorporating tools for positive creation and Harmony 


By going to source and working from the point of Divine wholeness we can more powerfully shift into a greater resonance with our higher vibration on the physical, mental, emotional, unconscious, and archetypal levels, creating the opportunity for powerful healing on all levels 

Services Menu

To schedule a service from the menu below, to request more information, or to discuss a personal healing plan: please email


Personal Facilitation Session

Personal one-to-one facilitation sessions by video conf., phone, or in person. A gentle multidimensional approach to working the issues on any level that block or keep you from your optimal alignment. Using skills of spiritual psychology, intuition, noetic-field work, repatterning, coaching, and spiritual guidance to access your own inner knowing and unfoldment to your healing and higher purpose. Offered on an as need basis, but recommended as a commitment to a series. (If booked in a pack of 3 - 415.00)

$155 / 1

$415 / 3

Medical Consultation 

Focusing on the physical; review, recommendation, and coaching from the Functional Medicine and whole-being perspective.


Noetic Balancing - Initial

Noetic Balancing - Initial Session. Noetic (aura) balancing is energy/spiritual healing work accessing our personal energy field and where that energy system intersects with our physical, emotional, mental, unconscious, belief, archetypal, and spiritual structure. The noetic practitioner is used as a tool or guide as the client works to release beliefs and distortions in the field that no longer serve them; creating the potential for shift on multiple levels.


Noetic Balancing - Follow up 

Please note that you can only book a follow-up appointment if you have had a balancing with Dr. Schott within the last year.


Noetic Balancing Initial Phase I&II

The initial balancing session may be broken down into three sessions each 2 weeks apart, facilitating a gentler immersion into the work. 


Noetic Balancing Initial Phase III 

Focusing on the physical; review and recommendation regarding medical management. 



Comprehensive healing Package 

Go for the BIG Shift. This personal healing or growth package offers intensive focus to greater shift. Ideal for someone dealing with an opportunity for healing, a personal challenge, or one desiring focused shift who would benefit from focused support and guidance over a preset time frame (time frame set by individual need). Includes 3 Noetic Balancings, 9 counseling/ support sessions, text, and email support.



Into the Loving I & II  - More Info

A 2 program series designed to shift your operating system from the unconscious patterns that create dis-ease and disorganization to the higher wisdom and wholeness of the heart. Learning to operate from the Heart Matrix accesses the flow state of healing, creativity, connection, performance and optimal wellbeing. Working with the heart as the nexus to higher flow, heart rate variability (HRV) and mindfulness while releasing old patterns facilitates movement into living fully from heart. Creating a foundation for self-Love, self-support, and claiming Love as the tool to navigate your experience provides a foundation for your self in wholeness. Take the next steps to deeper healing and unfoldment and join us in the INTO THE LOVING I & II. Being deeply present for yourself in Love can heal.

Call for 


The Inner Healer - More Info

Six-month online live intensive healing program. 20 private personal support sessions, 20 group sessions, daily online guidance course for individual self-work, materials and resources for home use, email, and text support. An invitation to be deeply held in sacred union with your inner healer, and experience the dynamic of group synergy and loving support. A program designed to engage all your levels in the consciousness of healing. Ideal for those dealing with a health challenge or other challenge calling for focused shift. Interview session required for placement with your healing circle. 

HeartMath Coaching 

4 session guidance to greater heart coherence using the HeartMath tools and protocol. 


What our customers are saying

I have worked with Liesl and Richard in the Triad numerous times. They are a great team! My experience is they are loving, insightful, knowledgeable spiritual counselors who are practical in their approach to developing greater awareness and healing in their work with others. They are easy to work with and have a healthy sense of humor, when appropriate, in addressing challenging issues.

Mary Ellen Agolia Ph.D DSS, Psychologist

My Functional Medicine Doctor, Doc Schott has been my savior. Not only on the physical level but the spiritual and emotional level as well. If you need any type of healing I highly recommend her.

S. Berryman

I've had at least two personal sessions with Liesl, and she's the best!


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