Dr. Schott holds a Doctorate in Medicine, from the University of Texas Medical Branch, and practiced traditional Western Medicine in primary care for many years. She then answered a calling to follow her awareness of the other dimensions of the being she experiences and her understanding that all levels are a reflection of the whole.

She now holds a certification in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine, a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology (emphasis: consciousness, health, and healing) from the University of Santa Monica, and a certification in Noetic Balancing. Noetic Balancing is a type of comprehensive multidimensional energy work.

The work she brings forward holds Loving at its core and gently supports the client in a field of deep Compassion and Self-Forgiveness allowing space for the individual’s natural unfoldment into alignment with their divine truth.

Liesl continues to grow and deepen as a practitioner through her dedication to the pursuit of her own spiritual practice, growth, learning, and expansion.

Dr. Schott welcomes clients with issues on any and all levels as she truly holds a holistic view of the being as a whole and seeks to work with the core pattern that runs through our many levels.